FAQ's - frequently asked questions
  We're always looking for distributors.  If you have an actual store, and a sales tax number, we'd like to talk to you.  We    try to not set up two distributors in the same area, and we insist that you buy in caselots only. 

  Please contact us directly, and we will continue this conversation, if you feel you would like to distribute our emu oil  
  products.  We can be reached via e-mail at emulady@wildblue.net .  You may call us at (402) 371-7637, or write to         Cedar Ridge Emu Products, P. O. Box 132, Hadar, NE  68738.
  We look forward to hearing from you!

  HOW ARE THE BIRDS RAISED?  Many people are repulsed by "feedlot" livestock - so are we.  Our birds have   
  spacious pens, carefully fenced to keep them in, and predators out.  Each pair - or the yearlings - have access to a
  fully insulated barn, with heat lamps added during the worst of winter weather.  Fresh water and special Purina rations
  fill their tummies.  Rule of the ranch:  if it's within arm's reach, pet it.  Scratch the chin, stroke the neck, ruffle the

  DO YOU USE GROWTH HORMONES?  No.  In fact, none are even available for emus.  We wouldn't use them
  anyway.  We worm our birds with diatomaceous earth (DE), control our grasshoppers with ducks, and trim the
  fencelines with goats. 

  DO EMUS GET "MAD COW" DISEASE?  No.  My sources tell me the emu is perfectly safe. 
  DO YOU MAKE YOUR OWN PRODUCTS?     No.  All our products start with emu oil, refined by EPMI, one of the four
  recognized refineries in the U. S.  EPMI meets/exceeds standards set by the AEA and the AOCS (American Oil
  Chemists Society).  Then the oil is shipped to one of the FDA inspected labs we use.  We sit down with a chemist and
  present an idea.  He or she then works up several samples, and we choose or suggest changes.  Finally, a product 
  meets our approval. Then we choose a container and size, a label and text.  It may take as long as a year to develop a
  product!  The entire Au Natural line is made in Omaha.  Being Nebraskans, we always start with the local plant, and
  give them "first right of refusal."  If they don't have the certification (oil) or capability (gelcaps) - or don't have previous
  experience with a particular product, we move on to another FDA-certified lab in Oklahoma.  Of all our products, only
  the basic soap is hand-made by another breeder.  Everything else is USDA or FDA inspected, every inch of the way. 

  YOU MAKE A BIG DEAL OF "NATURAL" - WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?  Not man-made.  Every product we carry
  starts with a natural product - emu oil.  Some have several - Rough Hands also has lanolin, a sheep product, and
  beeswax, obviously from bees.  New products in development now will have other animal products.  Are these products
  all-natural?  Of course not.  I don't think you would want them if they were.  Think back 50 to 100 years - when things
  had to be all-natural.  The shelf life was minimal.  The shaman or herbalist concocted something and put it directly on
  you.  Now that's fresh - but do we want to go back there?  Personally, I want a stable product - that has a shelf life of
  one to five years.  On the other hand, we select our stabilizers carefully.  For example, emu oil is stabilized with
  vitamin E.  

Cedar Ridge Emu Products
P. O. Box 132, Hadar, NE  68738
(402) 371-7637