"Clean and Healthy" - SHAMPOO WITH EMU OIL  -   This shampoo is exactly what its name says - it leaves your 
  hair feeling squeaky clean and wonderfully fresh.  Light fresh scent.
        8 oz. bottle                     $12.50

  "Soft and Silky" - CONDITIONER WITH EMU OIL -     Reformulated!  Now even bettter. This is the perfect companion 
  product to the shampoo, for those who need just a little bit more.   No wax, no junk.         
                                                                                                  8 oz. bottle                     $12.50
  BAR SOAP with EMU OIL   This is the only hand-made product we carry.  This is a wonderful emu-oil enhanced body    bar - in fresh "Country Breeze," floral, Sagebrush, and unscented.
\4 oz. bar          $6.00 

  FEET N PAWS  A lotion stick designed for dry feet - to be shared with your faithful companion.  All-natural, does not    harm dogs if they lick their paws after application.  
Approx. .5 ounce                      $5.75
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