The Cedar Ridge Ranch sits on top of a sandy hill in Pierce County, Nebraska, surrounded by fifty-year-old   
cottonwood trees and a thick growth of Eastern Red Cedars.  We are family-owned and operated.

For years, we raised emus.  Our birds lived a very good life, with warm indoor pens, spacious outdoor runs, no               growth hormones or antibiotics.  They were wormed with diatomaceous earth.  Ducks control
grasshoppers; goats trim the weeds.  Very few chemicals are used here -only as required for control of noxious
weeds.  This is very typical of the emu industry - as these birds are incredibly healthy!

We are a prime example of "alternative agriculture" - something other than hogs and cattle, beans and corn.  We
raised emus, processed them, and created products from their oils.  Finally, we marketed those products directly, 
and on the Internet.

We have now entered a new phase here at Cedar Ridge Emu Products.  We moved our breeder herd to another             ranch where they specialize in "raising."  We concentrate on creating and marketing products.  Our oil now                   comes from the refinery that helped the American Emu Association (along with the American Oil Chemists                   Society) set the standards for the industry.  It is perhaps the finest oil available in the U. S. 

Our products are created in Nebraska, at an FDA-inspected cosmetic manufacturing plant.  Our lovely bar soap is          actually hand-made in the Sand Hills of Nebraska.  Encapsulating and processes not available in Nebraska are             done at the refinery or at a similarly inspected plant in Oklahoma. 


American Emu Association    www.aea-emu-org
Emu Producers of America
          - A division of Emu Products and Marketing, Inc. (EPMI)

Cedar Ridge Emu Products
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